What Are the Specific Documents Required for Evisa While Travelling to Turkey?

Getting a visa for most of the countries in the world has become easier with the introduction of evisas.

Getting a visa for most of the countries in the world has become easier with the introduction of evisas. You don’t have to sit and wait inn long queues and you definitely don’t have to spend days visiting the embassy to get your visa. These days you can get your visa online.

Not all countries give you the luxury of getting an evisa but with time more and more countries are introducing it and Turkey is none of those countries that allows travelers to get an evisa. However, like traditional ways of getting a visa you still need to have various documentation with you.

Let’s take a look at the specific documents required for getting an evisa while travelling to Turkey. Without these documents you may not be able to apply for the evisa or even if you do apply, your visa can get rejected.

A Valid Identification Document
In some parts of the world, the passport is considered as the ID document while in other countries there is a separate document for identification and the passport is used merely for travelling internationally. You need to have a valid Identity document that is not expired.

A Valid Passport
This is the most basic document you need to have to get your evisa. Not only should you have a passport but it should have at least 6 months left on it. Passports with an expiry date under 6 months will not be entertained. There should also be one blank page on your passport for the entry and exit stamp.

Documentary Proof of Return Flights
You should also have documentary proof of return flight or any other onwards flight that you are planning to take from Turkey. This is very important to provide this information as the evisa will be issued accordingly. If you are going to fly to another country after Turkey then you need to have all the documents that you would need for your next destination otherwise you may not be able to travel to the next country.

You Should Also Have Proof of Sufficient Funds
Another thing you need is proof of sufficient funds when you are travelling to Turkey especially if you are travelling for business or medical purposes. For example, if you are applying for a work or business visa and you don’t have enough funds to start the business or to show that you can maintain a decent lifestyle while you are in the country then your application will most probably be rejected.

You Should Also Hold Proof for Hotel Reservation
Another documentary proof that you need for an evisa is the proof for hotel reservation or if you are going to live with any of your relatives then you need relevant proof of that along with other sponsor related documentation. This is important especially if you are planning to visit Turkey for a long period of time.

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