Travel to Pamukkale

Travel to Pamukkale

Pamukkale, the gift of mother nature to people, is just one of the places you would not want to die without seeing. This city, which has natural resources, is also home to historical places.

There are many activity areas you can want to travel to Pamukkale. The most important of these are Pamukkale Travelers. These travelers features are due to the displacement of a fault in the Menderes river valley. As the fault moved, very hot springs with very high mineral content emerged in this region. Calcium and hydrogen carbonate react to form calcium carbonate and limestone. This is what gives Pamukkale its whiteness and creates the pools. You can swim in these pools if you want.

Apart from travellers, one of the places you might want to see in Pamukkale, which has a historical past, is Hierapolis. This Roman Amphitheater is located just above the traveler. This amphitheater has a total capacity of 12 thousand people. Another ancient site, Laodicea is mentioned in the Bible as one of the 7 Churches of Revelation, and although it hasn't been rebuilt as much as more famous sites like Ephesus, it's a great place to experience Roman history without the crowds. In addition to these, you can see all these places from the sky with a hot air balloon. You should travel to Pamukkale to have an experience you will never regret.

Travel to Pamukkale:

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