Patmos Tour

Patmos Tour

Patmos Island, the island of revelation, is among the Greek islands and the cosmopolitan style invites you on a journey of mental development and inner peace.

Patmos Island, located in the northernmost of the Dodecanese Islands, It is home to the Cave of Apocalypsis, where Jesus allegedly appeared to John. This is where the Gospel of John was written. Due to these features, the island is one of the 7 pilgrimage centers of Christianity. The historical center of the island, where the St. John's Monastery is located, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

From the island's main port, Skala, you can get to the historic center of Chora by city bus or taxi. Both the bus and the taxi stop at the Apocalypsis Cave on the road and wait for a certain time. Places you can visit; There are Skala, Apocalypsis Cave, Chora, St. John's Monastery, Zoohodos Pigi Holy Monastery and many more.

Patmos Tour:

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