Izmir Holiday

Izmir Holiday

One of Turkey's most beautiful cities, the pearl of the Aegean, Izmir, is located in the west of Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. It is a modern, developed and vibrant commercial center built around a wide bay and surrounded by mountains. Having a multicultural structure, İzmir is one of the places you will enjoy visiting. You will enjoy seeing beaches where you can swim in the beautiful sea, historical ruins and small towns in this city with a warm climate.

Izmir; It has very different beauties with its walking paths along the coast, historical streets decorated with classical Aegean houses, rich museums and sightseeing areas. It is necessary to spare plenty of time to visit Izmir, one of Turkey's most important commercial cities, because history, civilization and natural beauties radiate from every corner. The main places you can visit in Izmir; You can visit Ephesus Ancient City, Virgin Mary's House, Old City, Clock Tower, Konak Square, Bergama, Red Basilica, St. John's Church, Kadifekale, Historical Elevator, Seven Sleepers Cave. But Izmir contains more than these.

Izmir Holiday:

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