Cappadocia Day Trip

Cappadocia Day Trip

You will be impressed by what you will see by traveling to Cappadocia, which Mother Nature has given to humanity as a gift.

It is known that Cappadocia first became active during the Hittites period. Due to its location on the historical Silk Road route, the region was a kind of trade center at that time, and this situation dates back to BC. It continues until the collapse of the Hittites in the 12th century. This extraordinary structure and feature of Cappadocia is hidden in geographical formations over 60 million years. The Cappadocia region, which was an inland sea in the early days, the lava and ashes sprayed by the surrounding Erciyes Mountain, Hasan Mountain and Güllüdağ millions of years ago started to dry this region and stone, tuff structures consisting of lava and ash began to form in the region.

Using the advantage of this structure of the region, many rock-cut settlements, houses, monasteries, churches, chapels, and underground cities were built. Most of the fairy chimneys are positioned in this way. It was built in a way that is invisible from the outside in order to hide the people living here from the oppression, cruelty and invasion of the Roman Empire, and it has become the living space of thousands of people. On the trip to Cappadocia; Fairy Chimneys, Göreme Open Air Museum, Gomeda Valley, Three Graces, Ortahisar Castle, Ortahisar Ethnography Museum, Uçhisar Castle, Pigeon Valley, Devrent Valley, Avanos Historical Stone Bridge, Zelve Open Air Museum, Sarıhan Caravanserai, Çavuşin Church, Paşabağ Priests Valley, You can visit many places such as Güllüdere Valley, Kaymaklı Underground City and create unique memories.

Cappadocia Day Trip:

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