8 Hours (Full-Day) • 1 City • 11 Places

Santorini Tour - Private

Tour Code: GRD26
From Santorini

Because this trip is fully customizable by you, you are free to remove any location you do not wish to see, as well as make changes to the order in which you visit each site.

Customize Your Tour!

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  • Private eight hours Santorini tour by Minibus
  • Enjoy a personalized look at Santorini in a comfortable and luxury private vehicle
  • Feel free to customize the tour in any way you like, to spend more time in specific locations
  • Find out about real Santorini life from a local
  • Get photo ops of iconic locations such as Santorini’s Caldera, Oia, Imerovigli, Prophet Ilias, and more
  • This tour is ideal for small groups of travelers, such as families or newlyweds
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8 Hours (Full-Day) • 1 City • 11 Places

Santorini Tour - Private

Tour Code: GRD26
From Santorini

Because this trip is fully customizable by you, you are free to remove any location you do not wish to see, as well as make changes to the order in which you visit each site.

Customize Your Tour!

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Below, we will share some information on the attractions you may add to your itinerary, in order to see Santorini in One Day. Because this trip is fully customizable by you, you are free to remove any location you do not wish to see, as well as make changes to the order in which you visit each site.

  • Starting Points: Greece/Santorini
  • Route 1 Santorini

    Below, we will share some information on the attractions you may add to your itinerary, in order to see Santorini in One Day. Because this trip is fully customizable by you, you are free to remove any location you do not wish to see, as well as make changes to the order in which you visit each site.

  • Route 2 Akrotiri Archaeological Site

    This Bronze City is prehistoric and was preserved by volcanic ash. Some historians have suggested that this may be the original site of the mythical Atlantis.

  • Route 3 Black Beach

    This is the largest beach on Santorini. However, instead of white sand, you will find beautiful black pebbles. Here, you also have the option of having lunch by the sea.

  • Route 4 Emporio

    As the largest village on Santorini, this village has plenty to offer. From fortress ruins dating back to the Byzantine period to historic windmills, there is plenty to see.

  • Route 5 Firostefani

    Chances are, when you visit Firostefani’s Blue Dome Church, you will instantly recognize it. This is because it is commonly featured on many Santorini post cards.

  • Route 6 Imerovigli

    Imerovigli is a village built on the cliff of the Caldera. This facilitates amazing views of the island and the Aegean Sea. Another main attraction to the village is a large rock called the Skaros, which is the remnant of an old castle.

  • Route 7 Megalochori

    This is another beautiful village on the island that is worth seeing. Your guide will take you through the narrow streets, so you can see how the locals live.

  • Route 8 Oia Town

    One of the most common reasons people visit Oia is to witness panoramic views of the sunset over the city. However, Oia itself is stunning, as it features beautiful terraces and traditional Greek architecture.

  • Route 9 Prophet Elias

    At the summit of Prophet Elias is the monastery named after the mountain. At 2,000 feet (600 meters), this is the tallest mountain on the island of Santorini. From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and the whitewashed homes. You may then enter the chapel with your guide.

  • Route 10 Pyrgos

    As the old capital of Santorini, Pyrgos is a historical site. You will find the ruins of the Venetian castle that once stood there, after following your guide along a narrow path.

  • Route 11 Red Beach

    This beach features red sand and rock formations. Believe it or not, the water is still crystal clear and blue!

  • Route 12 Venetsanos Winery

    We are proud of our roots in viniculture and look forward to teaching you about the winemaking process. You may also pay to sample some of the wines.

  • End Points: Greece/Santorini

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  • What's Included

    • Private tour
    • Transport by private Minibus
    • Licensed driver and local tour guide in your language of choice
    • Departure location: at your request Anywhere in Santorini, Hotel, Port, Airport, Cable Car in Fira
    • Bottled water
    • Hotel pickup and drop off

  • What's Excluded

    • Extra services
    • The other things not mentioned as included

  • Travel Tips

    • Confirmation will be recived at time of booking
    • Infant seats available
    • Most travelers can participate
    • This is a private tour. Only your group will participate

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You can create a reminder for yourself for this tour. We will send you a reminder e-mail/sms about this tour on the date you specify.

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  • How to meet my tour guide?

    Your tour guide/staff will be waiting at pick up points such as your hotels’ lobby/main gate, a specific point etc. according to timing which you were given before tour date.

  • Can I state the departure time for my tour?

    Of course! We also operate tours on private basis, so you can customize the departure time, if it is a private service.

  • Can I choose the sights to visit on my own?

    On private tours. You can choose the sights and museums along with all sort of criteria you like by your agent according to content of service.

  • How to buy museum tickets?

    If the museum tickets are included in your tour, you do not need to buy it as extra. But if the museum ticket/s is/are not included in your tour, still no need to buy tickets in advance, during the tour your tour guide will help you to purchase them. Official tour guides have priority at museum ticket offices.

  • Am I traveling with a group on the tour?

    There will be two different tour type. Group tour and Private tour. On Private tours, you get a specific service according to confirmed plan for you/your party.

  • How about the transportation?

    When you book your tour with a van, you will be picked up from hotel, be transferred to the sights and then back to hotel. Otherwise, once you meet your tour guide at your hotel, you will be advised the best option for transportation such as taxi or tram.

  • How do I pay?

    After filling the Book Now form, there will be a payment button to complete your deposit payment, when you complete payment and secure the booking, we will confirm your tour details and balance payment will be in cash directly to the tour guide during the tour. You can choose to pay in USD, Euro or Turkish Lira.

  • What is the language of group tours?

    Our daily regular/scheduled group tours are organized in English. But if the number of your party is more than 10 persons you can ask for a tour guide in other languages. On the other hand, Private Tours can be organized in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian and more etc.

  • What type of restaurants do you use?

    On group tours we use touristic restaurants which has open buffet. On private tours we use local restaurants which has a specific menu.

  • How to pay for my services?

    Beside money transfer by bank we accept visa and mastercard online payments on our online secure payment webpage.

  • Am I traveling with a group?

    No. You will be traveling independently on the regular transports according to your choice (Plane/Bus) but you will be with a small group only on local tours at the chosen areas this gives you an opportunity to meet different people through your stay. On the other hand, a private tour organization is always an option.

  • If I cancel my group or private tour in last minute?

    We are always tolerantly according to unexpected situations. Normally we should use cancellation policy rules but our company supports its clients as much as possible according to conditions.

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Good to Know

  • Currency


  • Language


  • Money

    ATMS widely available all round of Greece and Greek Islands. Credit cards accepted in larger establishments and destinations.Cash necessary in Greek villages and on smaller islands.

  • Visas for Greece

    Greece is not required Greek Visa for EU countries. Generally not required for stays of up to 90 days, however travellers from some nations may require a visa; double-check with the Greek embassy.

  • Mobile Phones (Cell Phones) for Greece

    Local SIM cards can be used in European and Australian phones.US and Canadian cells must use dual or tri-band system.

  • Driving in Greece

    Drive in Greece on the right steering wheel is on the left side of the car. Greece Country Side and Greece Highways before rental car,If you buy Greece Road Map, With Greek Islands Map will be much better.

  • Greece Weather and When To Go

    Greece Weather has got Mediterranean Climate by coast lines. North of Greece has continental climate. Greece Weather has dry climate and warm weather in summer, mild winter. Northern Greece Country Side Mild summer, very cold winter.

  • Greece Tourism - Greece Tour Packages - Greece Holiday Packages

    Few places manage to capture the world's imagination quite like Greece, a land of sun-kissed coastlines, tranquil whitewashed Greek villages, lively seaside towns, and well-preserved ancient Greek sites. Greece Tourism is One of the world's top tourist destinations since ancient times, the Greece Tourism draws nearly 20 million visitors each year. Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization, continues to attract the biggest crowds and serves as a base for exploring the country and its 227 inhabited Greek islands. Away from its cities, Greece features a picturesque countryside of olive groves, vineyards, picturesque Santorini, Crete and Rhodes and tiny settlements nestled against rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges. Explore the old Greek History, Greek Mythology and The Ancient Greek Sites in mainland on foot and discover the Greek islands as Crete, Rhodes, Santorini on a guided boat or Greek ferry tour. Greece is in Europe. Take the guesswork out of planning a Greece Holiday Packages or Greece Tour Packages vacation by using our Greece Tour Packages maker team.

    Greek Hotels High Season (May-Aug)
    Accommodation in Greece Hotels sometimes twice as much
    Crowds and temperatures soar
    Also applies to Easter

    Shoulder (Apr-Sep)
    Accommodation in Greece Hotels prices may drop by 20%
    Temperatures milder
    Internal flight and Greek ferries have reduced Schedule
    Few crowds

    Low Season (Oct-Mar)
    Many place shut, especially on the smaller Greek islands
    Accommodation in Greece Hotels up to 50% less than during high season
    Greek Ferry times skeletal
    Temperatures drop significantly; Crete can see snow

  • Safety in Greece

    Greece is generally a very safe place to visit and the majority of risks are similar to other destinations, with pickpockets in the major cities (Athens) and taxi drivers willing to charge you extortionate rates from the airports to the city center. Other less common dangers include dodgy drinking water on many of the Greek islands, the possibility of spiked drinks at international party resorts, and heatstroke on unshaded, sun-drenched Greek beaches. If you board a private boat, always ensure there are adequate life jacket and be vigilant about your belonging when lounging on busy, popular Greek beaches, leaving passport behind in hotel safes. Potentially risky activities aren’t limited to diving and mountain climbing; getting behind the wheel of car in Greece also requires extra defensiveness and caution.

  • First Time

    Everyone needs a helping hand when they visit a country for the first time. There are phrases to learn, customs to get used to and etiquette to understand.

  • Greek Language

    Greece Tourism is big business in Greece and being good business people, many Greek have learned the tools of the trade-English. In cities and popular towns, you can get by with less than a smattering of Greek; in smaller villages or out-of-the-way island and Greece destinations, a few phrases in Greek will go a long way. Wherever you are, Greeks will hugely appreciate your efforts to speak their Greek language.

  • Booking Ahead to Greece Tour Packages or Greek Hotels

    Reserving your accommodation in Greece Hotels, especially for the first night or two, can make your arrival in Greece that much easier. Out of season it’s important, as in some locations hotels close for months on end. In high season hotels can be fully booked well advance.

  • Greek Art

    Greece and art are good friends. For the oldest artistic expressions, visit the countless archaeological museums to see ancient sculptures and bronze statues, often dredged up from deep below the Aegean in Athens. Local cultural museums often contain crafts and textiles while the Athens’s top museums rival galleries anywhere in Europe.

  • Athens National Art Gallery

    The obvious contender for artistic bliss is this rich collection spanning Greece’s creative history; the offering is so plentiful, it has spilled out into the National Sculpture Gallery.

  • Athens Byzantine Iconography

    You don’t have to head to church this art is alive and thriving in galleries around the country where artists create exquisite, gold-hued creations; check out galleries on Patmos and in Rhodes Old Town.

  • Athens Modern Art

    The National Museum of Contemporary Art is good starting point,but witness the capital’s flourishing modern-art scene at events and galleries throughout the city.

  • Walking

    Whether it’s a stroll along the ancient promenade in Athens, a trek along a windswept donkey trail or a wander along an ancient footpath beneath olive and cypress trees, Greece is an outdoor lover’s dream. Trails crisscross the majority of the islands and offer great view and, at the right times of year, wildflowers and wildlife too. Festival of Agios Georgios (st George). The feast day of St George, the country’s patron Saint of shepherds, falls on 23 April or the first Tuesday following Easter. It’s celebrated with dancing, feasting and a general party atmosphere.

  • Best time for a Greece vacation

    If you’re planning to Book Greece vacation Packages, May is great time to visit by hiking. Temperatures are still relatively mild and wildflowers create a huge splash of color. Local greens, vegies and produce fill Greek kitchens. The first of May is marked by a mass exodus from towns for picnics in the country. Wildflowers are gathered and made into wreaths to decorate houses.

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